• Hurdles

    Exploiting Hurdles Makes Me Want to Hurl

    This morning I was listening to an interview about how to grow your business. But I got confused when the interviewee started talking about how hard life was…and having to pay for their own college etc.Read More

  • Cat Touch Paw E1362864223137

    Cat Paws and Touch Screens

    The Priceline Express Pet Friendly commercial shows a cat using a tablet screen. Which begs the question – could a cat’s paw really activate a touch-screen?Read More
  • Supra Lockbox Tutorial

    Supra Lockbox Change Combination Tutorial

    We actually bought a bunch of these at an auction. We were selling them at a yard sale and I kept telling people to check´╗┐ YouTube to learn how to change the combo. But when I searched I didn’t find any instructions. oops! So I had to record a tutorial and upload quick-like.
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  • Horsing Around

    National Western Stock Show 2012

    This is a video of our day at the National Western Stock Show. We obviously started in the stockyards among the cattle and the trade show booths. Then we checked out the mutton busting. That is pretty hilarious!Read More

  • Movie Review

    Puss in Boots – Review

    Ouch! I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. But I was left with the feeling of “what the heck was that”?Read More

  • vict

    Mission Mostly Accomplished

    Well I’m finally back up on most of my stuff. There are a few more websites to get situated, videos to put back up on new channels some social accounts to move around and then I’m done.

    That is until next time. :) Just kidding.Read More

  • Joplin, MO Tornado 2011

    Joplin Tornado, May 22 2011

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